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Small Business Accounting

Accounting and Cash Flow Management

Small Business AccountingI will first encourage everyone to use some accounting software to record all money coming in and going out. This will be how you create invoices for your customers. You should always have contact information for your customers which includes an email address.

Once you have an email address you will then be able to email them an invoice. On the invoice should be a way for them to pay you by debit or credit card. There are fees involved with collecting money this way. You can shop around for the lowest rates and once you have a processor you can now accept these forms of payment. Your credit will affect the rate that some places will charge you to collect your money.

How does this help? Once your customer gets their invoice all they need to do is click the pay button and it will bring them to where they enter information and press pay. Once that is done you should see the money in your bank in about 5

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Small Business Ideas

Small Business IdeasAs a business mentor with over 10 years experience assisting people to start their own business I thought I would put pen to paper and make a list of some of the small business ideas I have seen over the years, some I am sure you will have seen before and others may be more interesting and unusual.

If I tell you that I have spent two days a week for 4 years, with the Governments New Enterprise Allowance scheme mentoring the unemployed into self-employment and it has been a joy to behold, every week brings with it new faces, new ideas and plenty of enthusiasm to get started and become independent of the man.

Some business ideas are weak and ill thought through, others are a sound principle with good solid practical human skills behind them and they are destined to succeed.

My top 10 frequent flyers small business ideas in no particular oder are as follows:

  1. Cleaner
  2. Gardener
  3. Joiner
  4. Plumber
  5. Handyman
  6. Web Designer
  7. Painter and Decorator
  8. Crafter
  9. eBay seller
  10. Motor Mechanic

Fairly routine you may say and yes I would

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5 Tips to Help You Prepare for International Business Travel

5 Tips to Help You Prepare for International Business TravelTravel overseas for business can be a fun adventure, but it also needs to be taken seriously. Before traveling to another country, whether for work or pleasure, it’s important to learn the customs and procedures of your destination, while also preparing yourself for your trip.

As a business traveler, you’re not only representing your country of origin to all of those you meet, but you are also a representative of your company. It’s important to be knowledgeable about the country you are planning on visiting as a way to show respect.

Besides requiring the correct documents like a visa and passport, there are other obligations you will likely need to complete before making your way overseas. Many of these requirements are specific to a particular destination based on the laws and regulations for the countries you are visiting. Make sure you do your homework well in advance so you know each of these requirements.

5 Tips for Overseas Business Travel

International travel for business can be a very exciting

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7 of the Most Commonly Asked Pharmacy Job Interview Questions

If you have recently qualified as a pharmacist or have been in the industry a few years you will be aware that finding work in this field is becoming increasingly competitive. You have studied hard and have probably got into debt too. But, you have graduated with one of the best qualifications available. However, unless you are able to perform at an interview, finding work as a pharmacist won’t be easy.










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You could, of course use your skills and apply to be part of a clinical trial services team where you can be placed anywhere, according to your knowledge and experience. This is a good starting point because it would enable you to broaden your learning with the support of a well-known company behind you.

According to the Pharmaceutical Journal it’s even more difficult as a recruiter in this field because it isn’t just about the qualification, it is the person too.

Interviews will consist of technical, personal and competency based questions. You should be able to answer technical questions as these are based on your learning. Personal type questions, again are fairly straightforward.

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Forex for beginners

So you’ve watched the Wolf of Wall Street and now you’re ready to make your millions on stocks, easy right? Afraid not. There is a wealth of information that goes into trading and not everyone can make a success of it, fewer than you might imagine actually. It can be brutal, it can be champagne breakfasts but much the same as in all pursuits, the more you know the better equipped you will be. Here are some suggestions and tips for those of you who are new to Forex.

What is Forex?

Forex is basically trading in currencies. Money makes the world go round but more specifically, Forex trading makes international commerce go round. It plays an integral role in pretty much all aspects of this globalised world we are living in and allows us to trade with businesses on the other side of the world. The Forex market is huge, with an average traded value of almost $2 Trillion a day. The market is open 24 hours a day and only closes between from Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. There is money to be made in the trading of foreign currencies and here is

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How fundamental analysis helps make money

Every trader in his own technical arsenal can use indicators and oscillators, the average simple and complex, levels, channels, Fibonacci, wave theory, graphical analysis, and other tools. Someone enough of one or more technical assistants someone and tens will be small.

However, we mention the problems and contradictions with the use of indicators and oscillators. It is well known that the oscillators work best in range, and if the trend indicators. But where is the guarantee that the next time the trend will not go to the range, and the range will not be disturbed beginning of a new trend? And to what extent we will analyze the range / trend? The different scales rate / price can simultaneously be in different phases: in range, and in descending / ascending trend.

It is considered a strong technical signal to enter in the opposite direction of the last movement of the price chart and the divergence oscillators (with new ridges of new bottoms other or vice versa). However, it is possible that the signal does not work (hang oscillator overbought / oversold), which only confirms the strength of the existing trend.

You have found the magic system, showing historical data on good profitability (winged

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The Benefits of Using Financial Analytics for Business

In today’s data-intensive market landscape, analytics plays a significant role in keeping a business agile and competitive. Financial analytics is one key area that enables organizations across industries to truly predict the future of their strategies and goals, and take mindful decisions that can foster their growth.

Better insights into financial efficiency measures, operational KPIs, product/service and customer profitability enable businesses to augment revenues and the value of shareholders. They also help in overcoming any correlated shortcomings and modify their approach to meet their customer’s needs and ensure superior end-user experience.

In this article, you will get to know about some of the key financial analytics that every organization, irrespective of its shape and size, should work with:

Predictive Sales Analytics (PSA): It goes without saying that sales revenue is the backbone of any organization. Thus, implementing strategies to know how much growth your business can expect in the current and following years can have a strategic impact on your business’s bottom-line. Here, predictive sales analytics applications come handy. It enables you to evaluate how effective your forecast is, and also, to augment your sales pipeline in approaching years. Organizations making use of PSA

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Global Accounting Alliance

The Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) is an alliance of the top 10 professional accounting bodies of the world. They include the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, Scotland, England, and Australia & New Zealand (both represent one organization). The alliance was formed in 2005 in hopes to promote quality services and tend to important international accounting issues. They work with other global regulators, especially the International Federation of Accounting (IFAC), stakeholders, and governments to regulate and improve global accounting practices. The organization provides a bond for its members so they can work more closely to address issues that have implications for multiple jurisdictions. They meet in person three times per year, and then over telecommunications for smaller conferences. Soon after their establishment, they created an online journal that publishes articles bi-monthly to provide the latest news on international financial markets.

The GAA has a main focus of reducing the complexity of financial reporting and moving toward principle-based standards. The problem is that there are legal, cultural, and regulatory principles established in different countries that make the switch to similar practices a challenge. Although it is nearly impossible to accept a single statute for

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Reasons to Consider Using Management Accounting Services

Companies will find that they will enjoy a host of benefits when it comes to using management accounting services. The benefits are numerous and when you choose a professional service to provide you with the management accounting process, you will find that you don’t only save money, but you save time and energy while freeing up essential resources on a daily basis.

Management accounting services will track, record and report financial statuses to company bosses so they can see what areas need to be visited and what areas are working for them. This will track and record everything from income to expenditure, areas where it is costing too much and that should be revisited in order to save costs.

The first reason you should consider management accounting services is that it can help you boost profitability. By noticing where you are losing money and areas that can do with some improvement, you are able to implement change which can have a positive impact on your profit margins now and moving forward. This is just one of the many reasons companies turn to accounting professionals to provide them with this top service.

Next you will

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The Effects of Globalization on Both Accounting Profession and Education

Innovations in technology has catapulted the financial district into a global market. Globalization has had a large influence on the way businesses conduct business. Firms are not only responsible for being privy to information involving consumers in their own backyard but also understanding consumer culture as well as economic, political, and legal structures that exist in other countries. Due to the influence globalization has had on businesses, it has changed the expectations that are required of incoming business students and their education. More specifically, accounting students are being impacted by the changes globalization has influenced the market with. These students are challenged more particularly throughout their undergraduate years to understand not only the rules and regulations of GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles) but also the standards set forth by the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Within the accounting sphere, the primary focus has been on external reporting which involve the preparation of financial statements and auditing. However, due to the ever changing world of the global market, future accountants are required to possess perspectives that influence both external and internal reporting. The market will continue to change due to the fast paced journey of information making globalization an

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Hire The Best Shipping Company

If your business involves the importing/exporting of goods and products abroad, you’ll need a shipping company as a business partner. There are different sorts of shipping services depending on your need. If you’re transporting a smaller item or are not sending items abroad frequently, air shipping would be your most workable option. However, if your business requires you to transport larger items and if you’re shipping items regularly, the more economical option of ocean shipping is highly recommended.

Do you have cargoes that need to be transported to different locations across the globe? Ocean shipping is the best means to accomplish this endeavor. Shipping by sea means that your cargo or items will be shipped in pallets, drums, or refrigerated and shipping containers. It depends on the kind of products that you want to send abroad. The amount of the goods you want to ship matters as well, whether they will fit in 20ft or 40ft containers.

Do business with a credible shipping company for whatever products that you plan to ship abroad, be it jewelry, clothing, antiques, fine art or furniture, electronics, auto parts or food items, among others. You’ll want to hire the

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Why Do You Need An AMF Control Panel

An AMF Control Panel, which is also considered as the Automatic Mains Failure Panel is specially designed to avoid the situation of total blackout. Their advanced technology makes it power capable of switching to standby generator automatically, to avoid the condition of the total blackout in the industry. Its’ inbuilt motor gives the indication to the generator, so it starts working before a power cut. This is really helpful to manage its function in fully automatic way without any manual support. It includes a battery charger, electronic circuit boards, terminal blocks or other necessary equipment. These are available in different size and voltage capacity, so, that you can select as per the need of current in your industry.

Are you wondering why these AMF control panels are must for your industry? It’s because, they may help to avoid blackouts, which in result your plants and machinery performing its function properly, so, your production goes smoothly. This is a proven product, which gives 100% protection against spikes generated by switching heavy inductive loads. The best thing about this panel, which differentiates it from other, is that it gives an automatic indication to the generator and allows you

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Challenges in the Contemporary Hydraulic Industry

Almost all mechanical applications in industry and allied utilities have been relying on the technology of hydraulics these days. Consequently, the products and service from double-acting hydraulic cylinders suppliers have also touched new heights. The usage of these cylinders is multi-fold.

Technically, in a double-acting cylinder, the working fluid acts alternately on both sides of the piston. So as to link the piston in a double-acting cylinder to an external mechanism like a crank shaft, a hole is provided in one end of the cylinder for the piston rod. This is annexed with a gland also named stuffing box to prevent escape of the working fluid. Thus, these double-acting cylinders are common in steam engines and turbines. On the same principle, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders use them so as to produce an impact in both the directions.

To meet the rise in demand for double-acting cylinders, manufacturers of hydraulic systems have sped up the capacity of their production. The sectors of agriculture, earth-moving machinery, waste management, material handling, mining as well as conventional power and renewable energy are among the beneficiaries of these efforts.

To this end, the quality-conscious manufacturers maintain close liaison with

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The Potential of Change

I have found that in life and in business that if you are unable to adapt to change quickly, things will become very frustrating and you will find yourself lagging behind and eventually, become stagnant and quit. I find myself often reminding people that change is the only constant; and it honestly is a constant that you can count on and oftentimes, you have absolutely no control over when change occurs. So, instead of feeling like a victim of change, let’s become masters of it!

The Potential of Change – Are You Watching?

Very rarely will things change suddenly. Most of the time change will start as a gradual process that will begin to gain momentum and eventually, become the new constant until it changes again. You see this in sports, fashion, food, music, cultural norms and in business. There are so many people who hate change and for the most part, if you ask them why, they have very little concrete reasons why. Many people will tell you that it changed suddenly! But, if we are honest with ourselves, we saw it coming a long time ago but chose to ignore it hoping that

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Becoming a Successful Small Business Owner

Create a simple written plan that includes numbers. Why? Because numbers don’t lie. Numbers always tell the truth and show your full picture in a fast and concise manner.

Easy to do implementation:

Participate daily in the easy to do version. Stay away from the other. Here are three examples for one and four for the other:

Some say implementation is hard but the reality is that it’s easy. Very easy. Easy to do and easy not to do!

Implement when used as a verb is where success wakes up and comes alive. It’s also where you’ll find the greatest temptation to instead retreat to the land of nod and drift away into a fairyland of ideas and information overload that quickly becomes your worst nightmare.

Today, a piece of accounting software is an implement for the industrious stay at home Mom doing bookkeeping when her little ones are asleep for hard-won small business clients or online based free image software for the graphic artist working weekends earning a full-time income in his or her part-time business.

One hundred years ago, an implement when used as a noun was most

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Big Data and Small Business

Let’s start with the definition. When the term “big data” is used, what does it really mean? Jon Miller, co-founder and CEO of Marketo, calls big data a catch-all term for very large and complex data sets that exceed the processing capabilities of the typical available computer software. In general, big data refers to the compilation of everything that takes place over the internet: transcripts from Twitter comments or call center conversations, online videos, podcast uploads and visits, webinar broadcasts, all blog postings, all website visits, all credit card transactions, all ATM activity, all online purchases, online advertisements, music downloads and photo uploads.

As regards marketing, big data refers to all information that details retail sales, online sales, market share, website visits, blog and newsletter reads from your website, responses to online customer surveys, online responses to special offers and online advertising, plus all marketplace and industry data about global, national and regional business conditions.

Whatever you need to know about your customers, the industry and the business conditions in which you operate is buried within big data. But in the avalanche of information, deciding which data to access and deciding how to interpret it is

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Lifehacks to Make Your Business Trip Relaxing

5 Lifehacks to Make Your Business Trip Relaxing

Whether this is your first time to travel or you’ve traveled for more times than you can count, relax. Business trips can be fun. Of course, you have meetings to attend, business to take care of and employees to follow up with. Work does not mean you cannot see new places and meet new people. If you’re visiting a new city, you should take time to walk around and have fun. Here are the things you need to do to make your trip relaxing.

#1 Plan Your Trip

The words sound like a no brainer but seriously plan your trip. If you want to have fun, check events, restaurants, and places you are interested to see online and how close they are to where you intend to stay. You don’t want to spend your trip worrying about missing a meeting and definitely not exploring the city’s transportation system. Take some time before you actually travel and plan exactly where you want go. For directions, you can download Tripomatic: Trip Planner. This application comes with maps needed, so download it to your phone and you’re good to

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5 Reasons to Choose a Mountain Town for Your Next Big Meeting

From the majestic views of pine trees caressing the mountains for miles around, to snow piling upwards beyond the eye’s reach… there’s nothing quite like being in the mountains. Mountain towns have the small-town charm and air of being surrounded by the natural wonders of the world.

Finding a location for that big meeting you’ve been planning may seem easy, if you’re thinking close to home. But picture what could be a meeting to remember that boosts morale and gets your attendees pumped to be there and ready for what’s to come.

Even if big cities and towns have many nearby amenities to offer, there’s something unique and charming about taking your meeting into a town that’s smack-dab in the middle of nature. Nothing says “let’s get this meeting started” than some fresh air to breath and breathtaking views (okay, and coffee.)

Here are 5 reasons to choose a mountain town for your next big meeting.

1. The view, obviously – Stray away from the suburbs or town that provides stuffy rooms surrounded by walls separating you and your everyday life of roads, buildings and highways. There’s nothing like having a meeting, gathering

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Top Tips For Business Travel Safety

Do Your Research

If you’re going abroad, do some research on the country before you go. Make sure you have any vaccinations you may need and all the correct documents, and are familiar with the laws of the country. It’s also a good idea to keep up to date with any political disturbances to avoid dangerous situations.


You can never be too careful when using electronics. If you’re working whilst travelling, ensure you have arranged a data plan before you leave so you don’t have to use open Wi-Fi connections – these are not always secure and could result in data loss for your company. It’s also not a great idea to use public computers as again these are usually pretty simple to hack.

Watch your Luggage

Throughout your journey, always keep an eye on your luggage. If you are taking a carry-on, choose a bag that fully zips up and if any of your luggage contains important documents be sure to use a coded padlock. When taking a laptop, avoid putting it in the overhead as it could be stolen or damaged; instead keep it on your lap or place

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Do You See What Your Customers and Prospects See

Have you been wondering why your customer retention is not higher? Or is customer retention good but new business generation is below expectations? Are you unable to attract the right employees? These and similar issues may be indications that you’re not be able to see the true you in the mirror! I often listen to CEOs and their leadership teams talk about their companies in ways that defy the facts. It is great to be proud. It’s important to be positive, and having the right attitude is critical. After all, people are not going to want to follow you down the highway to hell. The problem begins when you are not willing to face the brutal facts.

New Customer Acquisition

When new clients are not easy to acquire, it may not be a problem with the industry or the prospects. You have to look in the mirror. The marketplace is telling you that even if you are different from your competitors, the differences in your products and services are not compelling enough to the buyer; your marketing and sales efforts and materials sound like everyone else’s; or there are breaks in your sales and marketing processes that are going unchecked. If